Recent Engagement: Sale of company to a New York-headquartered, national firm

Deal summary: Zeppos Rautiola regularly helps clients in the sale of their companies, often as an exit strategy for retirement.  In this recent matter, we assisted in the sale of a retirement and benefits plan company to a New York-headquartered, national firm.

How ZR helped: Our client had grown over the years through a previous merger and ownership involved in-house management as well as outside investors. Top management personnel were within 5-10 years of retirement and seeking a method to cash out of the business and generate stable retirement income.  At the same time, the acquiring firm provided a means for ongoing service of our client’s many accounts, which was critical to their succession planning.

Zeppos Rautiola’s work included negotiations, due diligence and deal structuring to ensure that the transaction fully met the client’s short and long-term requirements.